Bushcraft adventure update!


Hi all!

We have had a fantastic day today! Yes we got a little wet, no it did not spoil our fun! Everyone is having a wonderful time and the smiles are endless!

See you all tomorrow!

Kind regards,

Year 4 team!

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Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II from Bodiam class!








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Year 4 Kent Life Trip!














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Year 4 Digital field trip

Year 4 1

The children were incredibly patient as we had to sit waiting for our digital field trip to begin!
They all did fantastically well! The trip was all kinds of exciting! With lots of new facts about what we can freeze and how the freezing process actually takes place!
The children are all now experts so feel free to check with them if it is ok to freeze that milk!

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Year 4 getting ready for their digital field trip!

Year 4

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Bodiam’s Epic Super Fantastic Selfie!

We enjoyed our special lunch today for doing all of our Term 3 home learning on time! image


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RAH (insert roaring lion here) results term 3!

Well it was a very interesting challenge to see which class could read out loud the most!

It started of incredibly close with both classes battling it out to see who could move up the ladder fastest! In the end the results looked rather promising for Walmer…


Several children climbed up to 30+!

However, as the camera panned over to Bodiam …


There was a clear winner with two children reaching the dizzying heights of reading out loud 50+ times! Congratulation go to Elidir who managed a massively impressive 58 times reading out loud!

Mr Bestford sulked away while Mrs Hawks can still be heard cheering!

The ladders will be reset, next term is a fresh start, Mr Bestford is confident Walmer will make him proud and next term Walmer will reclaim their rightful place as the best readers in Year 4!

Have a lovely half term break!

The Year 4 Team.

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Dragons Den Presentation Project!

For a while the students of 4B has been planning, working and preparing for this day. the day where they had to present their plans to the “Dragons”.

They had to Create a plan on how to renovate the “quiet garden” that sits just behind the playground at Brunswick House Primary School. They spent lessons in the garden studying and observing what they could do to transform the garden for what it is like currently.


(Seen Above – The Dragons; Mrs. Skinner, Mrs. Willis and Thomas Fever, a Student from MidKent that is Doing Work Experience at Brunswick.)

All the pupils took part in this activity, and all did a fantastic job.

“The students that presented to myself, Mrs Skinner and Mrs Willis all did a fantastic job, They all blew me away at how great their Presentation skills are.” Thomas said after the session.

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Safer Internet Day 2016 at Brunswick

On a Tuesday morning at Brunswick House Primary School, The class 4B (Bodium) Was learning how to be safer on the internet, in celebration of Safer Internet Day 2016. The class took part in multiple activities including class discussions where the children took turns to discuss what they loved and didn’t like about the internet.

The children of 4B also wrote down 9 different ideas on how to make the internet not only a better but safer place and arranged it into a diamond with the top suggestion of the diamond being the one they felt was most important.


(Seen above pupils taking part on the diamond activity)

Finally, The class took part in creating there own “#shareaheart” By filling out hearts with past-times they love doing on the internet such as Gaming, Socializing with others and even researching topics!

Here are a handful of videos that the pupils recorded in their “#shareaheart” activity.



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Bodiam at MGGS Sports Event


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