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Safer Internet Day 2016 at Brunswick

Posted by on February 9, 2016

On a Tuesday morning at Brunswick House Primary School, The class 4B (Bodium) Was learning how to be safer on the internet, in celebration of Safer Internet Day 2016. The class took part in multiple activities including class discussions where the children took turns to discuss what they loved and didn’t like about the internet.

The children of 4B also wrote down 9 different ideas on how to make the internet not only a better but safer place and arranged it into a diamond with the top suggestion of the diamond being the one they felt was most important.


(Seen above pupils taking part on the diamond activity)

Finally, The class took part in creating there own “#shareaheart” By filling out hearts with past-times they love doing on the internet such as Gaming, Socializing with others and even researching topics!

Here are a handful of videos that the pupils recorded in their “#shareaheart” activity.



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