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Home learning and notices 28.6.16

Dear Parents/Carers,

Here it is, the final Home Learning of Year 4!

All year we have asked you, at the end of each term, to think about the favourite thing you learnt during that term. Well, now we need you to use these experiences and memories to create one final extravaganza of a piece of Home Learning.

Cast your minds back through Year 4, from day one, when we began with ‘Jemmy Button’ and we voyaged with him into the civilised world, up to now and looking at the journey of ‘the pebble in my pocket’. Think about all of the changes these characters have been on.

We would like you to create one final piece of Year 4 Home Learning all about your favourite moment.

This can be anything; we are really leaving the shackles off for this one.

You could create a comic all about your year, where you are a superhero learning new things every day.

You could design a giant poster all about Year 4 and have different sections for different lessons.

You could apply all of the technical bits you have learnt in English to write an amazing story then analyse it, pointing out why it is such a fantastic story.

You could record yourself teaching someone the fantastic skills you have picked up during school trips.

You could create your very own Science (or any subject) blog and share this with your class mates.

This time, the possibilities really are endless!

Where has your Year 4 journey taken you?


Home Learning is due Tuesday 19th July 2016!

Dates for the Diary

Saturday 9th July– PTA Summer Fair
Tuesday 12th / Wednesday 13th July—Transition days. Children spend the day with their new teacher.
Friday 15th July– Sports Day

20 Responses to Home learning and notices 28.6.16

  1. Heidi

    I think about 6 full containers because the container is quite small and if it was doubled Up it would make a side of the jug!

    From Heidi 4b

  2. ruby 4b

    when is the residential trip going to be!

  3. Andrei

    I believe there are about 8 or more because the container is tiny and to think of it a jug is quite big so it needs a
    lot of containers to fill a jug up.

  4. lavina dube

    i love math yaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. erin beadle

    i am going ton estimate the answer as 17 and a half miss cashin.

  6. Rositsa

    Divided the volume of the glass bottle by the volume of the tube. My estimation is 16.

  7. rositsa

    Diided volume of glass bottle by the volume of the tube. My estimate is 16.

  8. lavina

    hello when is are cammping trip . and what do we need

  9. abdullah

    opps I forgot what teacher said ill do it if I can

  10. abdullah

    lavina its finished

  11. mrshawks

    Lavina, our camping trip is on the 25th and 26th June! You will get a kit list soon of all the things you will need to take with you, but it will be things like sleeping bag, clothes, toothbrush, socks and a rucksack! I’m very excited!

  12. abdullah

    oohhh I thought you meant something else

  13. assanatu


  14. danny

    hi miss Cashin I like our home work but it wont let me on can you tell me in class

  15. danny

    hi walmer i cant what for bush craft

  16. danny

    time is ticking for home work i have sratch at my home

  17. danny

    I got on my home work

  18. jude

    what will you need for our camping TRIP will we get a form

  19. dylan

    My bush-craft trip homework was a lot of fun to make it was so fun i wont to make more.

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